Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom

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Actions are always louder than words, as we all know, but when it comes to helping our mothers embrace their motherhood, we fall back a bit. From grandmas to godmothers, all love to feel special on their special day, i.e., Mother’s Day. For you, a gift might just be an accessory or a simple gesture done towards your mother, but for her, it really means a lot.

Fancy flower, a card, tea, or a framed piece of art are some of the most common gift choices to give to your mother. But with the passage of time, everyone’s nature and expectations have changed a lot, due to which a need is felt for some sort of innovation when it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas. Thus, we’ve curated a list of the best gift ideas to give to your mum on Mother’s Day.

Ranging from fitness enthusiast, tech-loving, health-oriented, foodie mum, and many more, we’re going to address each mother type to help you choose some practical, unique, and personalised gift ideas for your mum.

The Fashionable Mum

The Fashionable Mum

Opt for choosing some unique and trendy apparel for her that she really likes and appreciates. Don’t just go with the price; rather, consider its purposefulness for her and how well it can serve her on Mother’s Day. Consider the following option in it: 

1. Designer handbag or shoes

For mums who are always on the go, gifting them a designer handbag or shoes would be a great choice. Discuss what brand she likes and also ask for her preferred design for it. Also, make sure that it is spacious enough to carry all different accessories and things. For shoes, you can always discuss them with her regarding her preferences, whether it’s comfort that she wants or the overall aesthetics that attract her.

2. Subscription to a fashion magazine

What better way for you to help your mum stay ahead of everyone by following the trend going in the fashion industry? By taking a subscription to any fashion magazine of her preference, you can allow her to learn all the current trends going on. Plus she will also learn about apparel styles and trends to follow.

3. Gift card to a boutique

Choose a reliable boutique where your mother can buy anything of her liking. There are multiple small retail shops that offer the service of gift cards. Buy it before Mother’s Day comes and present it to her on that very day.

4. Customised Bracelet

Although small in size, a customised bracelet is always one of the most preferred ways of carrying jewellery. Try guessing her fondness for a particular type and giving it to her to rock it the way she wants.

5. Earrings 

Choose a unique and distinctive design of earrings for your mother that will look perfect on her. You can also go for the handmade options if they’re available in your area. Mostly, earrings come in a lot of shapes and sizes; thus, you need to choose a shape that resonates with the liking of your mother.

6. Jewellery Organiser

Offer a jewellery organiser to your mother as a gift to allow her to keep all of her delicate and precious jewellery pieces in one place. It will help her save a lot of her crucial time that otherwise gets consumed in finding or locating the lost pieces of jewellery. Furthermore, it also safeguards her ornaments from getting tangled or damaged.

7. Hangers

Choose from all the different kinds of hangers available on the market to gift to your mother. You can also look for hangers coloured in her favourite colour to make them look more appealing to her. For a more personalised look, go for creating your own hanger that will be designed by you based on your creativity.

8. Customised Sweatshirt

Gift her a customised sweatshirt that she can wear while lounging freely in the home. For it, either go for getting her name printed on the sweatshirt itself or write a message of “Happy Mother’s Day” on it. Other variations of the printable text include “Mama.”  “Mum, I Love You,” “You’re the best, Mum,” “May you live long,” “We all love you,” “Thank You for Everything,” and more.

The Sentimental Mum

The Sentimental Mum

If your mum is a courageous lady who often faces certain different emotions, giving her certain things and commodities might help her to regulate those emotions. In addition to that, it’ll also aid her in uncovering her hidden emotions, which she might have been suppressing for a long time.                                                             

1. Personalised jewellery

Jewellery, when it gets a touch of personalisation, becomes a lot more valuable and worthy. Get your mother’s name embedded on either the pieces of jewellery that she already carries or buy her something new that carries her essence.

2. Customised photo album

Greet her on Mother’s Day with a customised photo album that will spark a moment of happiness in her. Ranging from some childhood adventures to some recent memories, she will appreciate them all in your presence. Despite the coming of technology, the physical photo album will allow her to revisit some special moments of her life in just a couple of seconds.

3. Handwritten Letter/Poem

Use a letter or poem to express your gratitude, love, and emotions towards your mother. You can always decorate the written letter or poem with certain creative elements to make it more meaningful. Put your specific memories with your mother in your written piece of art to let her know how special she is to you. If she loved it, for sure she will be keeping it with her for years to come, reminding her of the bond that she shared with you.

The Foodie Mum

The Foodie Mum

Gift her a cookbook or recipe book to enjoy some delicious food prepared by her to celebrate Mother’s Day. Other than this, you can directly give her something ready to eat that will cater to her taste buds very well.

1. Recipe Book/EBook

A recipe book or ebook upon gifting will allow her to expand her mindfulness and knowledge around certain cuisines and their dishes. You can also take her health and fitness requirements into consideration when offering related recipes, allowing her health to get a boost. Not only will she enjoy having those delicacies, but the whole of your family will benefit from them.

2. Cooking or baking class

If your mum is a novice at cooking, convince her to get ready to learn a new cooking skill, i.e., baking. Not only will both of you enjoy this whole experience of yours, but it will also allow you to create some long-lasting and fun-based memories together. With it, her confidence will also get boosted a lot, as she will be constantly creating masterpiece dishes for the whole family.

3. Gourmet food basket

Not just for mothers, but a gourmet food basket seems worthy for everyone. Include in the basket eateries such as artisan cheeses and exotic chocolates to treat your mum to some tasty delights. Plus, the basket and all of its components will also show how well you cater to her well-being.

4. Kitchen gadgets and appliances

You can also opt to gift her some kitchen gadgets and appliances that could make cooking easier for her. Other than that, you can always aim to add new equipment for her to cook with. This will spark her passion for cooking, after which she’ll try out new recipes. Doing all of this will make her time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable.

5. Sleep Mask

No gift can be any better than a sleep mask to allow your mother to sleep peacefully and get some moments of relaxation. Getting a good sleep will allow her to get back on track with her health and fitness, which will also promote her overall well-being. It will help her understand how much you value her overall well-being by wishing her a happy birthday.

The Health-Oriented Mum

Wellness-Oriented Mum

What better day than Mother’s Day to allow your mum to get relaxed and take some time for herself? Not only will she feel worthy, but she will also get an opportunity to boost her health charts to lessen the burden of motherhood, which is often an exhausting journey.

1. Spa day gift certificate

Gift her a spa day gift certificate, through which the professionals will help her to unease her stress due to her busy and hectic life. As per her own choice, she can choose from all different services, such as massages, facials, or any other treatment of her choice. Allowing her to take advantage of these services will showcase the amount of care that you are aiming to give her.

2. Meditation or Yoga 

Take a subscription to meditation or yoga classes, using which your mother can reduce her stress, improve her focus, and achieve much better inner peace. Plus, taking part in meditation or yoga classes will offer a number of physical and mental health benefits for her. Treating her this way goes far beyond just a physical gift.

3. Essential oil diffuser

To make her time at home more soothing and relaxed, give her an essential oil diffuser. This will fill the whole of the atmosphere with various soothing scents that are not only fragmented but also relaxing and capable of improving your mood as well. You can use oils like lavender and chamomile to help your mum unwind after a whole day of work. 

4. Criss Cross Chair

It would be one of the best ways to help your mum get relaxed while maintaining good posture. People using it have already reported that using it effectively reduced their back pain along with improving their overall comfort. It would be a thoughtful gift for all mothers who spend most of their time on their feet. Using it, your mum would be able to de-stress herself.

5. Portable Hand Warmer

This device is helpful when combating a colder temperature. These warmers are quite effective at keeping your hands warm, even in extreme temperatures. Plus, charging them before they get drained is also quite easy, making them a handy choice of gift for your mother.

6. Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

This device will help your mum in many ways. She can use it to keep her neck and shoulders warm in cases of fighting colder temperatures. Plus, it also offers them proper relief from tension headaches.

The Gardening Mum

The Gardening Mum

Gift your mum some plants, gardening supplies, or kits to show her a little holiday love. It won’t matter whether she’s an experienced gardener or a novice who’s just getting started; there’s always something that can help her show her love for nature.

1. Gardening tools or equipment

You can aim for upgrading her gardening essentials, and for that, consider giving her new tools such as a comfortable trowel, kneeling pad, or ergonomic pruner. Doing so will make her gardening experience more enjoyable as well as efficient. It will also highlight your understanding of her needs and how much you care for her.

2. Unique planters or garden decorations

Not just your home, but your garden as well, needs proper care and decorations. For it, you can opt for giving her unique planters or garden decorations that will add a touch of charm and personality to her outdoor space. It will also make her time spent in the garden more peaceful and worthy.

3. Bonsai Tree

Another option to consider will be a bonsai tree. It will be a fascinating gift for her that asks for due dedication and care for its proper growth. Your mum will be able to watch it grow. Being a symbol of longevity, resilience, and growth, it will definitely be an excellent Mother’s Day gift.

4. Flowers

These are an all-time classic gift to give to your mother on Mother’s Day. They will add a touch of beauty as well as fragrance to her living space. To make it more unique and special, opt for gifting her a flower from her birth month that will definitely brighten her whole day.

Pro Tip

Consider these Florists to buy a bouquet for your mother.

5. Stoneware vase

Offering an attractive stoneware vase would work very well to add a touch of elegance and functionality to her living space. Flowers might blossom and droop, but the stoneware vase will remain in good condition to display a range of flowers for years to come. Either choose a machine-made or handcrafted stoneware vase to add an artisanal touch to the overall occasion. Not just for real flowers, but it can be used for keeping decorative branches as well.

The Tech-Savvy Mum

Tech-Savvy Mum

Make your mother’s life a bit less hectic by giving her something based on the latest technology. All these tech-savvy ideas will make her life more relaxed and easy. Consider these options to give her an upgrade for herself. 

1. Latest smartphone

If your mother has gotten bored of her old smartphone, Mother’s Day is the best time to give her a new one based on the latest technology and features. It will help her stay informed of her loved ones and access any necessary information whenever required as well. Giving her a new smartphone will also make her overall experience more enjoyable and worthy. Try filling it up with all the apps of her choice and preferences.

2. Smart home devices

There are a lot of smart home devices available on the market, such as voice assistants, smart lights, thermostats, and many more, all of which will work to lessen her work load and save her a huge amount of time. All the features that these smart home devices have will offer a lot of peace of mind to her, showing her how much you love her.

3. Hair Dryer

This would be an excellent gift for her to upgrade her beauty routine without breaking the bank. Giving her a high-quality hair dryer will significantly reduce her drying time while keeping the hair damage to a minimum. Doing so will leave her hair looking amazing and at its best.

The Adventurous Mum

The Adventurous Mum

Don’t think that there aren’t many gift ideas to offer to your outdoorsy moms. Whether she’s someone who loves tracking, going for a hike, or having any other adventurous activity, the following gift ideas need your consideration.

1. A hot air balloon ride

Presenting her with a hot-air balloon ride will give her an unforgettable experience for her life. She will be able to enjoy some of the most breathtaking and unique experiences for herself, too, from a bird’s-eye view. To make it memorable and increase your bonding, consider taking part with her on the ride.

2. Trip to a scenic destination

Try to know which place it is that she wants to visit as part of her trip. It could be a coastal town, a national park, or a historical landmark. Planning a trip with her to such a destination would allow her to make the most of her time, especially on Mother’s Day.

3. Outdoor gears

If your mother is someone who likes to get engaged in various outdoor activities, gifting her outdoor gear that relates to her chosen activities will encourage her to explore more and more. These gears might include hiking boots, a sturdy tent, etc.

4. Women Travel Backpack

Choose a reliable, well-designed backpack that is specifically made for women, offering her the required comfort and style for all of her adventures. It would be a perfect gift for her to give her on Mother’s Day that will act as a getaway for her to go on a longer journey.

The Creative Mum

The Creative Mum

Get alongside your mother and let her imagination beam high to see what creative ideas spark in her mind. Let your inner artist come to life as you treat her to some innovative gifts on Mother’s Day.

1. Art supplies for her favourite hobby

Based on her favourite hobby, give her relatable accessories or supplies like paints, brushes, or some sculpting tools. Other than this, you can consider some specialised material for jewellery making or knitting if she gets involved in it. Gifting her all this will inspire her to further explore her artistic talents.

2. DIY workshop

Gift your mum a ticket to a DIY workshop through which she can focus on a craft that she really admires. Her point of interest could be anything from pottery making to floral arrangements to soap crafting. Doing so will further deepen the bond that both of you share with each other. The skills that she will learn will prove helpful to her in the future. 

3. DIY crafts

Making some crafts on your own would definitely be a relaxing and therapeutic activity for your mother. This will help her to unwind and express her creativity and artistic skills as well. For it, either you can give her some material to build a craft of her own or go with giving her the DIY crafts kit. Some DIY crafts worth considering are paintings, cards, photo frames, and other paper crafts.

4. Snapshot mix

Choose some snaps of you and your mother and create a snapshot mix out of them. Doing this will help you preserve some great memories together, too, in a tangible way. Later on, she can view all of these mixes whenever she wants to get a nostalgic feel.

The Bookworm Mum

The Bookworm Mum

For those with a mum who has a knack for reading, there’s much more than just gifting her a bookshelf. You can consider the following options for your library-fanatic mum to give her this Mother’s Day:

1. Kindle or e-reader with her favourite books

Giving her a Kindle or e-reader will allow her to carry a vast number of books wherever she goes. Ask her about her favourite titles or genres to preload them in the kindle, which will give her instant access to the same. During long journeys, e-readers serve the most utility as they are quite lightweight and easy to hold.

2. Personalised leather-bound journal with her name

This will allow her to keep a record of her dreams, memories, thoughts, or even her own stories. Doing so will add a touch of sophistication, making it a worthwhile addition to her desk or bookshelf.

The pet-loving mum

pet-loving mum

If your family has a pet of any kind, most probably, your mother would be the person who loves it the most. And on Mother’s Day, you can give her something that will allow her to show how much she loves her pet.

1. Customised pet portrait

A great gesture would be to give her a customised pet portrait with her beloved pet captured on it. It would become a unique gift for her that she would cherish for years to come. This will showcase the amount of care and love that you have in your heart for your mother and the pet. Other variations of it could consist of a realistic painting and some illustrations that would suit your mum’s taste.

2. Donation to a local animal shelter by her name

You can donate some money to a local animal shelter of yours in the name of your mum that will be used for those animals that are in need of treatment. She will definitely feel accredited knowing that some animal is being helped by her name.

3. A new furry friend

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, bring a new furry friend to your home to add a touch of joy and companionship to her life. If you’re having a dog in your house, opt for bringing in some other animal that would fit into your mother’s lifestyle and living situation.


Mother’s Day is all about showing your love and respect for her and letting her know how much you really admire her. And what better way can you imagine other than gifting her something special to show how much she means to you? Always try to honour her with something that really carries her unique essence and that she can really embody easily. So take some moments from your busy daily schedule and let her know her worth in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple options to choose from that you can gift to your mother. But to really demonstrate your love for your mum, consider what kind of interests and hobbies she has. If she’s into gardening, you can give her some unique gardening tools and equipment, planters or garden decorations, and stoneware vases as well. If she’s a bookworm, Mum, then you can opt for giving her a Kindle or e-reader or a personalised leather-bound journal with her name on it. For adventurous mums, taking her on an adventurous ride, planning a trip to her chosen destination, gifting her some outdoor gear, or giving her a travel backpack would be a desirable option.

To be precise, mums just want to feel special and treated well on their special day, i.e., Mother’s Day. Thus, focus on spending some quality time with her to showcase how much she means to you and your family. But when it comes to giving her a gift, choose to give her something that she can resonate with. It could be a handwritten card, a custom-made painting, photo frames, or a DIY craft.

Flowers, personalised jewellery, custom coffee mugs, cards with messages or poems, and breakfast in bed are the most common Mother’s Day gifts. But you don’t need to offer these regular gifts to her on the most special day of her motherhood, i.e., Mother’s Day. Opt for some other considerations as well, which consist of taking her out for a spa treatment, going for a wine tasting, watching her favourite movies, organising a photoshoot with her, and more.

It all began when a woman named Anna Jarvis’s (a native of Philadelphia) mother organised a campaign led by women that was focused on promoting friendship and health for all. As her mother died in the year 1905, she worked hard to let everyone know how hard her mother worked to help everyone around her. From 1907 to 1914, every state in the U.S. continued to virtually observe May 12 as a day for remembering her efforts. Due to her daughter’s continuous efforts, on May 12, 1914, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson declared it a national holiday to be observed each year and named it Mother’s Day.

While the date varies from year to year, in most nations, every year’s second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. The main aim behind recognising and celebrating this day is to contemplate the efforts of all mothers and to honour their value in everyone’s lives and in society too.

Plan a surprise party for her, having all of her friends and acquaintances in it. You can also show your creativity by crafting a DIY gift for him or cooking her favourite meal for her to serve as breakfast on her bed. Also, to make it more remarkable, you can complete all of her daily chores right before she even wakes up or just plan an outing for her.

For a new mother, her first Mother’s Day needs to be a memorable and remarkable one. Every offering and gift that she will be getting needs to remind her and help her embrace the beautiful journey that she had with bravery and generosity. For gifting ideas, you can opt for a customised bracelet or a necklace with her child’s name embedded on it. Other than this, you can consider different clothing items, mugs, self-care options, and more, all of which will help her embrace motherhood.

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